Thursday, November 6, 2008

Enjoying fall!

Jasen and the kids took advantage of a gorgeous fall day and played football outside! I was taking pictures from our 3rd floor balcony. Just look at the boys chasing Pita... I think we're in trouble!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

This was the first Halloween that I was not with the kids. My uncle passed away, so I was in Colorado for the funeral. Jasen got to experience stay at home Dad life for a week.... I think everyone was glad to see me!

The kids are hooked on Toy Story (1 and 2) so Taylor HAD to be Buzz Lightyear. After hearing that, Abbey had to be Woody! Nothing we said or did could convince her to be something girly. She insisted that she could pretend to be a boy! Who can argue with that? I was a little sad since I was assuming this would be my last year to really have a say in what she dressed up as! Little did I know, I was done!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!!!

This past weekend, we hit the road, headed to New Jersey and went to a pumpkin patch!! It was a beautiful fall day... nice and sunny. But boy was that wind cold! And of course, everyone had a jacket but ME! So it was the fasting hay ride and pumpkin picking you ever saw! We still had lots of fun, got two big pumpkins for the kids and took advantage of the cheap gas in Jersey!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two small children in Washington DC (what were we thinking!!!)

We spent Columbus Day weekend in Washington DC visiting Aunt Karen. The kids were very well behaved especially since all 5 of us were in Aunt Karen's 1 bedroom apartment! We spent our days touring the monuments and Arlington Cemetary. On our last day there, we took a trip to the Air and Space museum. We hope to go back in April over spring break so we have more time to tour. We just can't tell Aunt Karen or she may skip town around then!

The kids were troopers since they weren't interested in the monuments AT ALL and were way more interested in the people selling hot dogs and ice cream on every corner we walked by. The worst part was I forgot Abbey's stroller. That's right, of all the things I could've forgotten, I forgot the stroller! She kept up and spent a lot of time riding on Daddy's shoulders! It's a good thing Jasen could carry her.... I couldn't imagine lugging her up all of the stairs to the Lincoln memorial!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pony Rides!!!

So we told Abbey that once she put her pee pee in the potty she would be able to ride a horse. This was while we were in Eureka and there are an over abundance of horses. She still wasn't potty trained when we got to Staten Island and I was afraid we were going to be paying hundreds of dollars for her to ride a horse through Central Park!

Luckily, the Staten Island Zoo offers pony rides! About a month ago, Abbey stayed dry for an entire week and off we went to the zoo!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Broadway on Broadway

I didn't take my camera into the city with us and, of course, regret that! I took a couple of pictures with my cell phone so they're not the best... this is as far as I could zoom in! I'll just have to wait until next year (hint hint Erica!) to get great pics of Broadway on Broadway! This is John Leguizamo giving the fall line up for Broadway by the way!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


So I have decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon! The more I have read my friends' blogs the more I've realized I too will never remember the cute little things my kids are doing. I am a stay at home mom of Taylor -age 6- and Abbegail -age 3 going on 37! We have been stationed in Staten Island NY for about a month now and are finally starting to figure things out!

Last weekend Jasen left for school so the kids and I decided to brave Manhattan to go to Broadway on Broadway. Let me tell you, it is a QUEST to get from Staten Island to Manhattan involving a car, a ferry and a subway! Turns out I'm one of those mothers I always disapproved of... I had Abbey on a leash! All I could imagine was her letting go of my hand and being swept away by the wall of people you always see on TV! Luckily she was an angel and stayed close... except while we were on the ferry. Jasen claimed it was his day off and he was not going in after her!

Jasen was able to ride the ferry over with us, then he met up with his driver to get to the airport and kids and I braved the subway! I was pleasantly surprised with NYC subways! Very clean and air conditioned which is HUGE over here!

Erica, my best friend from high school, lives and Manhattan and works for Broadway so she was able to get us VIP seats for the show. I am now spoiled for life and will never stand with the masses ever again! She even met us at the gate with muffins and bagels which made Taylor love her that much more. I will post pictures as soon as a figure out how to get them off my phone!! (I just learned you can do that the other day, but am not sure how yet!)